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Albion Online Crafting Really Are No Easy

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Sieges are a wreck.

During sieges mercenaries shouldn’t be able to make up the majority of a guild’s fighting force and they should Buy Albion Online Silver to be brought in. Its unfair for a guild to declare war with a guild expecting a fight on equal footing only for the other team to pull out completely and call in another guild to fight their fight. Then theres the fact that the defender gets a 40% defender bonus which is absolutely ridiculous. Just to remain on even footing a guild would have to come in with gear multiple tiers above the other or simply lose until the enemy no longer has Albion Online Power leveling and neither do they. The defender bonus also takes a ridiculous amount of time to regenerate.

Crafting Is Always a Chore

I want to PVP. I want to get in there and go killing people. However if I do so and I die. I have to spend far to much time getting materials to replace the gear. Worrying about how I’m going to get the next set of gear crafting is painful. Stuff like the absolute best are okay for being grind fests. However gear that’s meant to be regular and common should be easy to replace. Even if you’re a person who loves crafting you are going to get bored eventually if all you can do is craft a set.

Albion Online | I Have Several Ideas

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I have several ideas because I recently joined and I have been doing only PvE so I cannot speak about PvP experience. But in pve, targeting enemys is somewhat difficult when there is only a few mobs and lots of loot bags on the ground. Trying to get the target and but keep getting loot window open right in the middle of my screen.

This is my ideas

1. Make Albion Online Silver picked up automatically with out clicking, or completely remove silver drop and make it goes in to the bag directly(direct deposit)

Silver is shared in a group anyway and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want extra silver coins. If somebody really and absolutely doesn’t want extra silver, maybe we can have not accepting silver’ option in a group.

2. No tab auto targeting but ctrl/alt/shift targeting help keys.

* In my understanding tab-targeting is auto targeting? correct me if I am wrong.

* What I am suggeting instead is keep the game click-targeting based but use ctrl/alt to change target group.

* Normal click will select anything while ctrl+click will select only friendly target and nothing else.

* Alt+click will select only hostile target so you won’t get loot bag instead when you don’t want it.(Or in pvp which I don’t have any experice on yet, you won’t accidentally picking a resource)

* Shift+click for target your opponent but you don’t move toward target. Maybe useful for ranged ambush.

In Addition to The Dungeon How Earn More Money in Albion Online

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In fact, raising and selling mounts is one of the best ways of earning albion silver in Albion Online, second only to running through dungeons and defeating bosses.

The following video will guide you through the different steps you’ll need to go through to raise horses and oxes.

How Do I Make Money in Albion Online ?

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These three guides below are going to teach you how to be filthy rich through trading.

Lesson One: Mounts

As soon as the game officially release, there’s going to be some commodities that everyone is going to be looking for. The first one should be mounts. Every player need mount since it’s an important factor in Albion gathering system. It helps player carry more items as well as increasing the travelling speed.

In the current beta testing, an ordinary horse is being sold on Auction House for at least 6,000 Albion Silver. And the amount can be even higher when after the official launch considering that there’s going to be much more demand than the current beta stage.

That’s lesson number one. If you want to make this your priority on making Albion silver, then you can go ahead and learn how to make mounts and go from there.

Lesson Two: Tier 3-4 Gear

Tier three, tier four armor, and tier four weapon are going to be the second things you should aim for if you are planning to make money through Auction House. These items are a must-have for all players, especially in an early game.

It really depends on what you want to do for yourself and your character’s build, but essentially everyone should be able to make their own tier for armor. And if you really want to capitalize on that, you could sell it on the market.

To increase the money we can make from selling weapon and armor, it’s a good idea to only focus on popular gear. At present, plate armor is the most popular armor among players. But this might be changed when the game is officially released.

Lesson Three: Market

Remember that Auction House in Albion Online isn’t globally linked. This is why it’s essential to choose locations. There are three recommended places from our guide you should sell your items on the Auction House.

Smuggler’s Bay is going to be the market in Albion when the game comes out. A lot of people will be here making the trading market to be very busy. It is a good idea to travel and settle here as soon as the game is released.

The second and third locations are Freeport and Buccaneers Haven. These places are located in a very good location that will attract numerous numbers of players.

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12 New Spells in Albion Online

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Albion Online has been updated for some time, let us look the new spells. And then more latest news click UPAlbion.

Charge on Claymore (Third Slot)

Charge towards an enemy, dealing damage and temporarily pinning them to the spot. The length of the enemy root depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

Fearless Strike on Claymore (Third Slot)

Dash towards a location and strike all enemies on your way, dealing damage to each enemy and slowing them. The slow strength depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

Bloody Reap on Scythe (Third Slot)

Swing your Scythe twice to deal damage to all surrounding enemies. The first hit causes the enemy to bleed.

Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (Third Slot)

Shoot a devastating magma sphere in any direction. It will deal damage and burn all enemies along its path.

Tackle on Great Hammer (Third Slot)

Rush towards a target destination. Any enemies you hit on your way will be damaged, knocked back and stunned.

Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (Third Slot)

Summon a black hole that quickly pulls enemies towards its center and then collapses, dealing damage to those caught in it and slowing them.

Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (Third Slot)

Create a tornado and shoot it in a chosen direction. Enemies hit by the tornado will be knocked up into the air and receive damage. Enemies in proximity to the tornado will be slowed.

Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (Third Slot)

Summon a ring of deadly blades around a friend or foe. The blades will damage enemies surrounding the target, but not the target itself. They will follow the target around, repeatedly dealing damage and reducing attack power.

Salvation on Divine Staff (Third Slot)

Create a ground area that will charge up for several seconds. Once fully charged, it will heal all allies inside and cleanse all negative effects.

Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (Second Slot)

Increases your movement and attack speed by 50%, as well as making you immune to any movement-impairing effects for 5 seconds.

Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (Second Slot)

Cast a pulsating heal on a friendly target. The target will heal the target and all allies in a 5 meter radius for 4 seconds.

Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (Second Slot)

Shoot a single arrow towards an enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s Armor and Magic Resist. The more health the target has, the more stacks of resistance reduction are applied with a maximum of 10 stacks.

Which spells will you be trying out? Good Luck everyone!